Commercial Canopy Awnings Installed To Elystan In Chelsea

Blinds and awnings manufacturer and installer Deans Blinds and Awnings UK Ltd have installed the bespoke commercial canopies at the new exclusive Chelsea Restaurant, in Elystan Street. The canopies installed are a neatly understated style befitting this sophisticated area of London and the soft greys of the frames and fabrics compliment the colours of the […]

Deans Classic Commercial Awnings Installed at the Benenden Community Shop

The Benenden Community Shop is firmly at the centre of the Cranbrook community. For a great number of local people, the shop provides an essential lifeline, for others. It is valued as a convenience which is welcome. Everyone will find something new at the shop. A key element is that the entire business will be […]

Researchers Reveal How to Make Yourself Digitally Invisible to Snoopers Tracking You Online

Most people are under the impression that by being online it is impossible to avoid data snatchers. However, researchers have found that there are ways to cover your digital tracks. These researchers believe that it is important to educate the public on how to fight against digital surveillance, how to keep your personal information private, […]

Burnham Resources Releases Article about Workplace Pensions

Burnham Resources, a Surrey-based  recruitment and outplacement consultancy specialising in payroll staffing , has recently released an advisory article for employers to become more  knowledgeable on the types of pension schemes available to them and their  employees so that they can make the appropriate preparations and decisions, especially recently,  that more and more people are […]

Deans Installed Traditional Commercial Awning for Walters of Oxford

Deans Blinds and Awnings UK, the renowned awnings and blinds manufacturer and installer, have installed traditional commercial awnings early this year for Walters of Oxford, the famous University clothing outfitters. The traditional Victorian awnings are of the trellis arm type and Deans were required to recover them in such a way that the originality of […]

An Old Sludge Pump At Potters Inn, Mytchett

An Old Sludge Pump is located near the entrance of Potters Inn in Mytchett. This antique sludge pump and trolley was manufactured by Millars Machinery, using a Bamfords 2hp engine. Both are of 1940′ to 50’s vintage. Cllr Joanne Potter has claimed that ‘its years old’. Research on this pump is greatly assisted by visiting Pete Aldous’ Pete’s Stationary Engine Pages, and Old Engine.

Get Hypnotherapy Training For A Career As A Practising Hypnotherapist In Staines

Get hypnotherapy training for a new career in hypnotherapy! Practise it full time, as a new job, or part-time in and around Staines, so as to increase your income. It’s an interesting, well paid profession – giving you independence, flexible hours, and good work-satisfaction. European College of Hypnotherapy 5 Schroder Court Northcroft Road Egham, Surrey […]

Air Ambulance Repatriation

An air ambulance aircraft is used for medical repatriation in situations where medical services are not adequate or the patient needs to be moved to be closer to home from overseas. Air ambulance aircraft are different from ambulance helicopters which are used for short medical rescues where ground ambulances are not suitable. Air ambulance crews […]

Patio Awnings and Awnings in Staines

Whether for your home or for your business Deans Awnings will have the right awnings product for you in Staines. Spanning three centuries, Deans is a business name which is synonymous with patio awnings and various types of awnings. The name says it all and we have been manufacturing and installing with patio awnings and […]

Heathrow Air Ambulance Private Ambulance Service in Staines, Surrey

Heathrow Air Ambulance’s (HAA) medical transport services provides a UK and European wide commercial independent private ambulance service. We task our private ambulances and emergency fast response cars to Staines, Surrey and throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Europe on a daily basis. HAA operates vehicles that are custom built to our own very high standards […]