Burnham Resources Releases Article about Workplace Pensions

Burnham Resources, a Surrey-based  recruitment and outplacement consultancy specialising in payroll staffing , has recently released an advisory article for employers to become more  knowledgeable on the types of pension schemes available to them and their  employees so that they can make the appropriate preparations and decisions, especially recently,  that more and more people are  feeling financially unable to retire.

The details of the advisory article are at http://www.burnhamresources.co.uk/workplace-pensions/.

Put simply, a workplace pension is set up by the employer as a way for their employees to save for their retirement. This is achieved by setting up an automatic system to put a percentage of every employee’s pay into the pension scheme each month.

Burnham Resources also advised that in order to for businesses to get the best from their workplace pension schemes then they must choose the best payroll staff.

About Burnham Resources:

Burnham Resources is a recruitment and outplacement consultancy specialising in payroll jobs, payroll staffing and payroll vacancies. They are based west of London near to Heathrow, with a head office in Egham, Surrey. it is a business placed at the hub of a network of contacts comprising of plenty of contractors and user clients. More information about Burnham Resources payroll services is available at http://www.burnhamresources.co.uk/payroll-jobs/.